STRIPES Stripes have an abundant history rife with controversy. Both Aristocracy and Prisoners have marked themselves or have been marked. Employing this history as a starting point, I create custom stripes for the wearer to once again become marked. The stripe of the plate connotes not only the pattern but the connectedness to one another in the stripe that joins the next and so on.

DOTS This filled circle has a place in every culture and religion. It is the basis for many patterns. It is centering although I rarely put it in the center. It is calming, constant and consistent. The circle always returns to where it started. Enjoy the dot and may it help you find your place.

CONTINUUM Being asked to respond to another artist’s work is both an honor and quite terrifying. This is especially true when the Artist will be present and see the work. Responding to a Tara Donovan show at the
Contemporary Arts Center was this very opportunity. I planned a response. The end result was Continuum.
I have continued this body of work as it caused a response in me as well. The first piece in the series
received the Labino Award for Glass by the Ohio Designer Craftsmen in 2009.

PLAID Uniforms and kilts dotted my childhood. My middle daughter started school this year where I attended twenty-five years ago. Memories of wearing black watch jumpers came flooding back. So I set out to make a glass black watch plaid. This seemingly simple task has now turned into an obsession from which I may not return from anytime soon. Join me and get some plaiditude.